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When you partner with FCM CORPORATION, you work with one source. 

That’s why our approach to meeting your needs begins with accepting full responsibility for producing an innovative, comprehensive building program for you. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about the usual discrepancies between architects and contractors, because we provide all aspects of your facility construction or renovation project. This system is called design/build.

It’s a process that monitors and controls every element of your facility’s design and construction or renovation. It’s a process that assures a high level of quality that fits within your budget. It’s a process that ensures timely completion by incorporating our unique phased bidding and construction program. It’s a process that’s effective because we built it on offering you a wealth of experience in the following services:

Site Feasibility Studies

We analyze potential sites for you, taking into account site visibility, utility accessibility and capability, future development, topographic analysis, and preliminary layouts.

Design Review

Preliminary site plans, floor plans, and exterior building evaluations are prepared based on input from you and/or your tenant. Throughout the design process, we carefully analyze each of the individual systems and materials to ensure conformance with acceptable levels of quality and original budget parameters.

Guaranteed Price

When the preliminary design is finalized, a guaranteed price is presented to you. At this point, you can determine if the project is within the acceptable budget.

Working Drawings

We prepare specifications, outlining every detail, including a construction schedule and pay request projections.

Project Management

We prepare subcontracts, order materials, and process all of the payment requests. We provide you with cost-control procedures and full accounting services.

General Contractor

We establish the construction schedule and provide an on-site project superintendent. The role of our working superintendent is to coordinate contractors, routinely inspect the project for quality control, and expedite the deliveries of materials. Our first-rate craftsmen provide the carpentry on all projects.

innovative design & build approach